Eradicate Bullying With Kindness through the MKL® Method Workshop

with Anna Pinkerton

Bullying is a type of abuse, that leads to chronic trauma...

Here is an opportunity to dive deeper than your zero-tolerance policy and understand the mechanism of bullying and why it has to be eradicated and how to do it.

The My Kinda Life® Method give your leaders and their colleagues the foundation level of what bullish behaviour is and how inner brutality and reduced emotional palette are root causes.

You can’t do something about what you don’t know…. 

…so this workshop shares a down to earth, practical and surprisingly different look at individual and workplace healthiness, so that there’s a real chance of quashing bullish behaviour.

By incorporating knowledge with a companionable and kindly look at this challenging subject you better your chances of removing bullishness from your company culture altogether.


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From £3,150 GBP (For up to 15 people)

Format & Deliverables

Creation and live delivery of presentation.

Post workshop de-brief

PDF Summary of key elements of workshop

Follow up consultation

Other key benefits

This workshop acts as a foundation to support the engagement with your other wellbeing projects.

Workshop Topics