Burnout Prevention and Recovery Workshop

with Anna Pinkerton

Burnout has a dramatic and long term effect on team health...

Productivity goes down, fear goes up, and retention is destabilised.  Whilst it maybe one person off sick with burnout, the effect on teams will be longer term.

To prevent burnout and burnout trauma, we have to understand what it is, how it manifests, and the point of preventing it in the first place!  

We also need to understand the cost of burnout to relationships which are the foundation to stable and well teams.

My Kinda Life® recognises that burnout effects the esteem of the group.  It shares basic dynamics that stabilise demanding times so that teams can help each other notice incremental challenges to team health and do something about it.

In this workshop your teams will learn:

  • What burnout trauma is, and why it needs to matter to everyone, especially leaders of teams.
  • The early warnings signs of burnout so that burnout trauma can be prevented.
  • How stress over a long period of time can become Traumatic Stress and how to prevent it doing so.

Burnout takes 6 months to 2 years to recover from.

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From £3,150 GBP (For up to 15 people)

Format & Deliverables

Creation and live delivery of presentation.

Post workshop de-brief

PDF Summary of key elements of workshop

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Other key benefits

This workshop acts as a foundation to support the engagement with your other wellbeing projects.

Workshop Topics