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The My Kinda Life® Foundation - For Leaders

A RARE & UNCOMPLICATED take on Leadership Development - Helping Leaders Create a Competitive Edge From The Inside-Out

How you meet and treat yourself determines how you meet, treat and lead other people.

If you meet yourself with brutality (which many leaders do), and disallow your full emotional experience, you inadvertently disallow it in others too. This can dramatically impair the impact and power of your leadership. If you learn to meet and treat yourself (and your experiences) with companionability and kindness you will be able to empathise with and lead others with ease.

This unique leadership development programme guides you through the methodology outlined in my book My Kinda Life® to help you change deeply held beliefs and behaviours that now don’t serve you so that you can become a more effective leader and more fulfilled personally.







Are you ready to become the most effective leader you can be?

Build a companionable relationship with yourself and
silence your inner demons once and for all, so that you can form connected & trusting relationships without fatigue.

Your commitment:

  1. Are you ready for deep, lasting change?
  2. Are you committed to empathic leadership?
  3. Can you commit to weekly sessions?
  4. Can you commit to learning to treat yourself better?



Month 1 - Your Unique Leadership Template

Discovering your Inner Brutality Template

In the first month we explore the ways your inner brutality scuppers your success, and prevents you enjoying your leadership. We discover your unique leadership template; identifying areas you would like to improve, so that you can behave in a way that creates the positive impact you seek.

Month 2 - Emotional Palette Extension

Embracing Uncomfortable Emotions

We all leave childhood and enter adulthood with an emotional palette suited to our family style. This most often means we are less comfortable with certain emotions compared to others. To lead your life well (and lead well) you have to extend and fill your palette up to all emotions. We focus on strategies for this in month 2.

Month 3 - Installing Companionability

Challenging your Deeply Held Beliefs

We make decisions about who we are based on what we’ve been through. Learning and installing companionability to yourself is essential for empathy, burnout prevention, and enjoying leadership. Companionability with all your experiences creates a competitive and resilient edge to your leadership. This is a rarely tapped resource that the My Kinda Life® Foundation Programme allows you access to.



2 weeks out from the end of month 3 of the programme, we will conduct a thorough review of your progress so far to see where you are at.

After the initial 3 months, some leaders will feel they have made enough significant progress to continue on their own, while some may need or want further support.

The My Kinda Life® Foundational Programme is a very personal journey, so we can tailor the length of the programme and level of support to your individual needs for as long as you need it, in whatever format is most beneficial for you.

Yes. I work with clients at the top of their game, and often in the public eye.  I’m bound by professional standards to keep all sessions and communication with clients strictly confidential. 

If you are curious about the My Kinda Life® Foundation Programme, the first step would be to book a free initial consultation. At the end of that consultation, you will have a good idea to whether or not this will be the right approach for you.

Alternatively, you can read the My Kinda Life Book or listen to the My Kinda Life Podcast where you will learn more about the methodology and how it works.

If at any point during the 1st month of the programme you decide that it isn’t for you, we offer a full refund. 

The programme is designed for both 1:1 work and with small teams.

If you require more information about how the My Kinda Life® Foundation Programme could be beneficial for your team, please get in touch for more information.

The delivery of the programme is tailored around your schedule, commitments and whatever level of support you require.

Typically, we find the best progress is made 1 weekly 1 hour sessions (over zoom, face-to-face, or phone) along with check-ins as and when needed. 

With that in mind, we can design the programme around whatever works best for you. 

Anna is the UK & Europe’s leading expert in stress awareness, chronic stress, and burnout trauma©. She’s a clinician with 30 years’ experience and the founder of the My Kinda Life® Foundation leadership development methodology. Anna works with companies worldwide as a trainer, speaker, and leadership coach and is known for advocating for the leader, the entrepreneur and for making difficult subjects digestible, manageable and changeable.

Professional overview:

  • My Kinda Life® methodology
  • Author of My Kinda Life® – In Leadership; Live Lead With Kindness
  • Author of Smile Again: Your recovery from burnout, breakdown & overwhelming stress
  • Author of The Inner Brutality Assessment©
  • Founder of The Burnout Hub™
  • Founder of Kindness for Corporate a unique training in Burnout & Burnout Trauma©. Trauma Informed practice & neuro-diversity awareness
  • Clinically trained at the UCSF Medical Center & Level I Trauma Centre, University of California, San Francisco, USA
  • Academic study in Leeds and London, UK Leeds Metropolitan University & King’s College London
  • Uniquely trained in EMDRII, TIR and CATTI protocols (trauma re-processing models)
  • Art Psychotherapist

Due to the nature of my work, much of it is highly confidential and under NDA’s. 

Some of my clients I can disclose are Virgin Media, The European Commission, EDF, MSD, Merck, Cropper, UKBIC, MOD, Panda International and Ofqual.