The My Kinda Life® Workshops

Trailblazing lessons from the My Kinda Life® Methodology delivered through online and in-person workshops.

Full Emotional Palette Development

People who extend their emotional knowledge and develop their emotional range have a deeper sense of empathy. They then inspire and support others more fully and with ease. A rich emotional palette means leaders are able to be sturdy and help others steady their path through  challenging times.

Inner Brutality Awareness & Reduction

When people are prepared to explore their inner relationship to self and their inner dialogue with self (and build companionability), they can more easily sustain themselves, naturally uplift and support others, and can manage change and challenges without becoming frustrated and fatigued.

Emotional Palette Extension:

  • Discover Your Unique Emotional Template
  • Identify Internal Pacts Made With Yourself
  • Explore How Your Emotional Palette Impacts You and Others
  • Develop Ways To Foster Deeper Empathy for Yourself and in turn Others

Inner Brutality Reduction:

  • Discover Your Inner Relationship To Self
  • Identify Ways You are Unnecessarily Brutal To Self (and Where This Comes From).
  • Explore Methods for Becoming More Companionable To Self
  • Grow Companionability/Kindness to others

Workshop Topics