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Kindness Informed Leadership®

“Being introduced to the My Kinda Life® method was a significant and life-changing pivotal moment”

Jay Freeman

Panda International

“Insightful & an absolute must-read for any leader who has a growth mindset”

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue

Global Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

My Kinda Life: Kindness Informed Leadership® & Management
Soft Skills for Tough Leaders and Tough Times

The brand new book from best selling author Anna Pinkerton.

How you meet and treat yourself inside dictates how you are – not only with yourself, but with other people too. My Kinda Life© sets out how kindness and companionability-to-self eradicates brutality. It shows the keys to kindness that are imperative to inner & outer growth in leadership.

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The Origin of The My Kinda Life® Method

Anna was compelled to bring My Kinda Life® to the world having studied the method relentlessly for eight years. Refining it, simplifying it and exploring how this worked to revolutionise leadership and lives.  Anna had previously discovered leaders were sapped of their energy and impact by inner brutality and this was reversible.

Anna found inner brutality meant leaders around the world often did not do what would look after them or sustain them, without knowing why.  This encumbered their leadership from the inside out.  So, she created the My Kinda Life© method to address this and to make the change lifelong for people.  The purpose was to lift leaders to a place where they led with ease, and enjoyed their role and success thus affecting those they led for the better.

Anna Pinkerton

The UK & Europe’s leading expert in Burnout Prevention, Trauma Recovery and the creator of The My Kinda Life® Method.  Anna has 28 years experience in psychotherapy, training, speaking & is a best selling author. 

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Have you been inspired by a leader who embraces humanness, humility, curiosity, empathy, patience, self awareness; in all kindness? Perhaps it’s you!

My Kinda Life®
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My Kinda Life - In Leadership

  • Deeply transform your leadership experience.
  • Ensure your leadership is unencumbered by your inner brutality
  • One-to-one therapeutic coaching through the My Kinda Life® method.
  • Revolutionise your team through incorporating soft skills via the My Kinda Life® method.
  • Improve teamship, allyship through solidarity
  • Lead With Kindness so people are with you
  • Live & Lead a life with enjoyable success, not just success

My Kinda Life - In Coaching

My Kinda Life® changes people deeply and works on self in a way not been available until now. The ‘wiring-out’ of inner brutality and the ‘wiring-in’ of kindness and companionability to self will ultimately allow you to live and lead with ease and contentment.

This methodology sets out to do the deep inner change that incorporating kindness requires. It takes committment & recommittment to make the transformation real and lasting, but the gains last a lifetime.

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