Trauma Informed DEI and HR Team Workshops

with Anna Pinkerton

Teams responsible for the caring and consideration of others are more vulnerable to becoming chronically stressed and traumatised in their role.......

For this reason, these specialists need information and reasonable adjustments to their working days and weeks to remain supportive of other people, uphold procedures whilst staying well themselves.

Trauma-Informed Working Practices and Places means having enough knowledge as to how to help people who have been in trauma, and how to maintain a workplace that doesn’t inadvertently traumatise its staff.

Trauma Informed teams look after themselves so that they can support and empower othters, and enjoy doing so.

Trauma informed teams means having workable knowledge in providing an environment where people can recover and heal.  It creates safety, support, and solidarity.

Trauma informed means to ensure colleagues collaborate to create a workplace that is not traumatising in it’s attitudes, behaviours and culture.  It purposefully sets out to recognise physical and psychological safety are a priority and people focussed efforts are consistently attended to.

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From £2,625 GBP (For up to 15 people)

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This workshop acts as a foundation to support the engagement with your other wellbeing projects.

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