Live and lead with kindness – For better relationships, be respected, create impact.

In this episode Anna Pinkerton shares her experience of domestic abuse trauma, and how this paved the way to the My Kinda Life® methodology and the My Kinda Leader® podcast. She explains how being at rock bottom and in total neurological dissarray she learned so much about what top is. Anna set out to find something that would improve the experience of being human.  She did.

This is her story.

In this episode we take a look at how a leader is better resourced & more resilient if they learn to have all their emotions available to them. There are no positive or negative emotions they’re all the same, some just hurt more than others.

We all have an emotional template and becoming aware of it gives us a great opportunity to increase it and to move through emotions with greater ease.

The more at ease we are with emotions the more we will move through life with ease.  The more we will lead with ease.

This episode explores how replacing the inner bully with kindness & companionability to self effects your leadership for the better. How you meet & treat yourself within is your best indicator as to what you can work on to improve your leadership and your enjoyment of it.

A cruel, vicious, brutal inner atmosphere is inadvertently wearing you down, and prevents you sustaining yourself.

This episode explores the concept of inner brutality and how this is much more than an inner bully or an inner critic. Inner brutality in leadership means you struggle to achieve what you want and need to.  It stifles your empath and at best prevents you enjoying your leadership journey and successes.

This episode sets out why your inner bully effects your leadership for the worse, and what you can do to effect it for the better.

Introducing the first series of the My Kinda Leader® podcast. This episode sets out the concepts of inner brutality; kindness and companionability to self and why this matters to leaders.

Everything within is our greatest indicator as to how we will effect others, & dictates our level of enjoyment in life and leadership.

Anna Pinkerton invites leaders to nominate themselves and others they have been inspired by to come talk about how they have come through the dark, painful challenging times of leadership.

Anna Pinkerton

The UK & Europe’s leading expert in Burnout Prevention, Trauma Recovery and the creator of The My Kinda Life® Method.  Anna has 28 years experience in psychotherapy, training, speaking & is a best selling author. 

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