Introduction To Kindness In Leadership Workshop

Introduction To Kindness In Leadership Workshop

with Anna Pinkerton

Many leaders feel they haven't got time for kindness...

Stuff just has to get done, and speed means efficiency.

The guiding principles of the My Kinda Life® methodology are focussed on what people can do within themselves to be easier to get along with. Leading to better communication, higher levels of empathy, and more productivity – without the experience of extreme fatigue. 

The My Kinda Life® methodology invites leaders to develop kindness and companionability to themselves and the things they have experienced. The core principle being that everything unattended to (hidden within us) is often associated with shame, guilt, and brutality to self. This inadvertently contaminates your ability to lead.

Incorporating MKL® into your team philosophy ensures positively impactful communications and behaviours so that people hear, heed and feel able to work effectively – harnessing their unique skills, experience, and talents.  

Leaders who address their own Inner Brutality and Emotional Palette create an environment where people around them feel able to tap otherwise hidden and untapped capabilities, ideas, and skills too!

Attending to this can be TOUGH, but will put your team ahead and it will reap considerable gains over and over.   

This workshop includes the key principles of Inner Brutality, Emotional Palettes, Kindness & Companionability to self and others, and Burnout-Trauma Prevention.

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From £3,150 GBP (For up to 15 people)

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Creation and live delivery of presentation.

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Other key benefits

This workshop acts as a foundation to support the engagement with your other wellbeing projects.

Topics / More Info

Introduction to Kindness In Leadership

Discover the guiding principles of the My Kinda Life® methodology and how incorporating kindness into leadership ensures positively impactful communications and behaviours. Includes the key principles of Inner Brutality, Emotional Palettes, Companionability, and Burnout-Trauma Prevention.

Inner Brutality Reduction

Rid your leadership and teams of brutality so that you can create solidarity, efficient productivity without becoming fatigued. Explore your inner self-talk and where it scuppers your unique leadership skills and aims. Reducing your inner brutality means you more easily sustain yourself, you uplift and support others, and manage change and challenges with goodwill.

Emotional Palette Extension

Understand and uncover your unique emotional template and learn how to extend your emotional palette so that you develop a deeper sense of empathy. A broad and full emotional palette allows you to communicate with ease, gain goodwill and access untapped skills in your unique leadership style.

Trauma and Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Identify the signs of underlying traumatic stress and learn to spot the early signs of burnout in yourself and your team. Become more aware how subtle chronic stress cab become traumatic stress and know what your next steps are to dealing with it. Trauma informed leaders keep themselves and their people well, on-board, more resilient, and happier.

Trauma Informed HR and DEI Teams

This workshop is designed specifically for workplace groups who we know have increased exposure to stress and trauma within their roles. It in particular addresses vicarious traumatisation; where a person in role can become unwell due to another person's traumatic experience.

Beat Bullying With Kindness

Dive deeper than a zero tolerance policy and rid your team/company of bullying once and for all. Discover how people with high levels of inner brutality (negative relationship with self) and a reduced emotional palette are more likely to rely on bullish behaviour. Building a workforce committed to emotional palette and inner brutality work actively gives your company the best chance to eradicate brutality/bullying in all its forms.