Emotional Palette Extension Workshop

with Anna Pinkerton

A full emotional palette ensures leaders communicate and empathise with ease...

Most leaders and teams are unaware of the different emotional templates we operate with. Most people operate with a reduced emotional palette which makes leading and influencing more difficult.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Discover your unique emotional template
  2. Empathise with ease and without it fatiguing you

A broad and full emotional palette:

  • Creates goodwill and solidarity with your peers, your teams, colleagues
  • Enables you to access untapped skills in your own leadership
  • Helps you understand other people, and how their emotional palette complements yours or otherwise, allaying unnecessary tension, pressure and conflict.
  • Creates true resilience within yourself/leaders/teams.

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From £3,150 GBP (For up to 15 people)

Format & Deliverables

- Creation and delivery of presentation.

- Post workshop de-brief

- PDF Summary of key elements of workshop

- Follow up consultation

Other key benefits

This workshop acts as a foundation to support the engagement with your other wellbeing projects.

Workshop Topics